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Boom LiftsBoom Lift

Boom Lifts are also known as cherry pickers, because they were original used in orchards to pick fruit from trees. Boom lifts are now widely used in a variety of tasks. Boom lifts are used for working on electrical lines, cable lines, painting, hanging signs and banners, and just about any other job that requires someone to work high off the ground. Boom lifts extend straight out either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. They can go as high as 135 feet. They need to be properly balanced to make sure that they don’t tip when fully extended.

Boom lifts come in many different types and sizes. There are gas and electric powered boom lifts. Gas boom lifts are made with the outdoors in mind. They have rugged tires and can travel over uneven terrain. Electric powered boom lifts are ideal for indoor jobs. Because they don’t use any gas, they can work indoors without worrying about suffocating anyone. The one limitation of electric boom lifts is that they tend to have smaller wheels built for indoor work. So while you could use an electric boom lift outdoors, it must operate on an even surface.

Genie Boom LiftBoom lifts can further be broken down into even more categories. There are articulating and non-articulating boom lifts. an articulating boom lift has one or two joints that bend like an elbow, and give the boom lift the ability to reach otherwise impossible places. For instance an articulating boom lift is the type of lift that sits atop a bridge and gives its user the ability to work under the bridge. Straight or telescoping boom lifts are just that, straight. They extend straight out in one direction, and the only variable would be the angle that the lift extends in.

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