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Many customers ask, “why rent a forklift when I could just buy one”. Well I have complied a list of reasons why renting is a better option than purchasing.

Advantages of Renting Forklifts Long Term (Beyond 12 Months)

  • One monthly payment includes truck, interest and negotiated maintenance costs
  • Budgeting is much easier and accurate with one monthly payment
  • Lines of credit or cash remain available for more important business costs.
  • Maintenance costs are now controlled and not subject to increases or overcharging by the dealer
  • Supervisory time spent making sure planned maintenance and other repairs are completed on time is reduced
  • Supervisory time spent approving repair invoices and running reports on forklift costs is significantly reduced
  • Clerical time spent issuing checks and filing invoices is significantly reduced
  • Upgrading is decided in advance which eliminates exposure to costly major component repairs
  • Dealer is now responsible for completing repairs on time and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • The cost of parts, the labor cost per hour or travel time costs from the dealer are no longer relevant
  • The cost of shop supplies, environmental levy’s or fuel surcharges may no longer be relevant
  • Much easier to “trade up” into a different truck if business conditions change or if the truck is no longer suitable
  • Forklift fleet stays up to date with the latest in cost efficiency, productivity and safety enhancements
  • Customer employed resident forklift technicians can now focus on production equipment and facility maintenance
  • Productivity gains should be realized from a more efficient, up to date, well maintained fleet of forklift trucks
  • Liability exposure with your insurance company will be reduced
  • Downtime costs may be reduced if properly negotiated with the dealer at the start of the rental period
  • Financial return on assets ratio will be improved because the forklift asset is removed from the balance sheet

This list may seem long, but these are just some of the reasons why you should consider renting equipment instead of purchasing it.

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