What is an AWP?


An AWP, or an Aerial Work Platform, also known as a man lift or lift, is a machine used to access for people or equipment to hard to reach areas that are to high to reach safely by other means. There are different kinds of Aerial Work Platforms. Some Types of lifts are called Scissor Lifts, Cherry Pickers, Boom Lifts, and Articulating Lifts.

The are used for many purposes such as maintenance and construction work or by firefighters for emergency access. They usually come with weight restrictions the reach of the individual machines varies from 10 feet to over 200ft.

Besides giving a worker access to hard to reach places an AWP offers other features to help a person complete their job, including electrical outlets or compressed air connectors for power tools. They may also be equipped with specialist equipment, such as carrying frames for window glass.

Two Main Types of AWP

Boom Lift


This type of AWP is often referred to as a ‘cherry picker’.

Boom Lifts are widely used for maintenance and construction of all types, including extensively in the power and telecommunications industries to service overhead lines. Some articulated lifts are limited to only the distance accessible by the length of each boom arm, however, by the use of telescoping sections, the range can be vastly increased. Articulated lifts require a wide supportive base to operate safely, and most have built in legs for this purpose.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a type of man lift which can only move vertically. They lift using linked, folding supports in a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern, known as a pantograph. Pressure to the outside of the lowest set of supports propels the work platform vertically.

Two Modes of Movement:

Self propelled AWP

Self Propelled AWP’s are able to move around a job site on tracks or wheels. Some models even allow movement while the lift is extended, however this is not possible on lifts requiring outriggers to be extended.

Vehicle mounted AWP

Vehicle mounted or Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms are mounted on a vehicle for easy transport. This configuration provides added support and stability on the work platform

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