Portable Generators

Honda Portable Generators

A number of hurricanes, earth quakes, ice storms, and early snow storms in recent weeks have probably put preparedness on your radar screen. Along with an emergency plan and a three-day supply of food and water, you might want to consider adding backup power at your home. Approximately 800,000 people were without power after the most recent snow storm.

Wheeled, portable generators are our biggest sellers. We only carry and recommend Commercial Grade Honda powered units with Recoil Start. These unit can be run once a year and still fire up when you need them. they have low maintenance requirements and the best reliability in the market.

Portable models we carry are 5,000 to 7,500 watts—enough to power plug-in appliances, gas or oil heat, and lights. A 6,000 watt generator will give you one 20 amp 220 circuit and a 7500 watt will give you one 30 amp 220 circuit to tie in to your power-transfer switch.  Don’t opt for a smaller unit. A 4300 watt to 4500 watt for a 20 amp 220 will push the generator to 100 percent duty cycle burning the fuel tank up quickly which means more trips out side to fill the tank. The bigger units have larger tanks and a longer run time.

Generator Tips

  • You will need plenty of fuel on hand, since filling stations often shut down during blackouts and most home-sized models use 11 to 18 gallons of gasoline per day. You’ll also need to preserve that fuel with stabilizer and store it in a well-vented shed or other area, away from the house and any ignition source. Never store the fuel in the house.
  • Always install a transfer switch to connect the unit to your home’s wiring system. Never connect a generator directly to your home
  • Never fuel your generator while it’s running
  • Keep a running generator at least 15 feet from your home.

Honda Power is the right choice for emergency power & Blakley Equipment is the best choice for all your equipment needs.

If you want to prepare for the long winter ahead call today!

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Forklift Rentals

Forklift Westchester County

Rentals VS Purchase

Many customers ask, “why rent a forklift when I could just buy one”. Well I have complied a list of reasons why renting is a better option than purchasing.

Advantages of Renting Forklifts Long Term (Beyond 12 Months)

  • One monthly payment includes truck, interest and negotiated maintenance costs
  • Budgeting is much easier and accurate with one monthly payment
  • Lines of credit or cash remain available for more important business costs.
  • Maintenance costs are now controlled and not subject to increases or overcharging by the dealer
  • Supervisory time spent making sure planned maintenance and other repairs are completed on time is reduced
  • Supervisory time spent approving repair invoices and running reports on forklift costs is significantly reduced
  • Clerical time spent issuing checks and filing invoices is significantly reduced
  • Upgrading is decided in advance which eliminates exposure to costly major component repairs
  • Dealer is now responsible for completing repairs on time and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • The cost of parts, the labor cost per hour or travel time costs from the dealer are no longer relevant
  • The cost of shop supplies, environmental levy’s or fuel surcharges may no longer be relevant
  • Much easier to “trade up” into a different truck if business conditions change or if the truck is no longer suitable
  • Forklift fleet stays up to date with the latest in cost efficiency, productivity and safety enhancements
  • Customer employed resident forklift technicians can now focus on production equipment and facility maintenance
  • Productivity gains should be realized from a more efficient, up to date, well maintained fleet of forklift trucks
  • Liability exposure with your insurance company will be reduced
  • Downtime costs may be reduced if properly negotiated with the dealer at the start of the rental period
  • Financial return on assets ratio will be improved because the forklift asset is removed from the balance sheet

This list may seem long, but these are just some of the reasons why you should consider renting equipment instead of purchasing it.

For the best rental equipment in New York and the tri-state area, visit Blakley Equipment today.

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Boom Lift Training New York

Blakley Equipment offers the most complete aerial lift training certification programs in the area.

We offer monthly scheduled training programs and we are able to schedule special classes for your company or union to be made around your schedule. When you take an aerial lift training class at Blakley Equipment you leave with your OSHA required certification card the same day. Our trainers are factory trained by manufacturers such as JLG, Snorkel, and Genie. Check our Boom Lift Training Page for more information and upcoming dates.

Equipment Training Classes Offered

Aerial Lift Platform Safety Training
How To Safely Operate Aerial Lifts

Avoiding serious accidents involving aerial lifts starts with knowing how to safely operate and inspect them in accordance with the OSHA and ANSI standards.  After completion of our Aerial Lift Platform Safety Training, you will have gained the background to make decisions on the inspection, use, and operation of aerial platforms.  This course is presented by a Factory Trained Instructor who provides the trainee with OSHA required evidence in the form of a wallet card .

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Areal Lifts
  • Safe operation
  • Operation of aerial platforms
  • Elevated driving requirements
  • Proper safety procedures
  • Travel speeds
  • Capacity limitations
  • Inspection of platforms
  • Fueling and charging procedures
  • Daily – Weekly – Monthly  Maintenance
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Telehandler / Forklift Safety Training
Learn safety in compliance with OSHA codes

OSHA states: “Employers shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a forklift safely, as demonstrated by successful completion of a mandated training course.”  Our Forklift Safety Training course is conducted by a Factory Trained Instructor, and meets these requirements.  Upon completion each participant will receive a wallet card detailing their competence.

Topics Covered:

  • Operating instructions, warnings and precautions
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Visibility and maneuvering
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Refueling / Charging
  • Operating limitations Surface conditions
  • Composition and stability of loads
  • Load Manipulation
  • Pedestrian traffic
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For the best in aerial work platform (AWP) rentals and sales, and the best OSHA required training courses remember Blakley Equipment.

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Lift Rental in Yonkers

If your looking for lift rentals in Yonkers, NY look no further than Blakley Equipment.

For over 40 Years Blakley has served the Greater New York area by renting and selling  with the best Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Fork Lifts, and Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms. We have lifts that can reach heights of up to 200 feet. Blakley Equipment has the right equipment for the job at hand.

Here are some of our featured rental items:



Capacity 2980 lb.
Lift Height 22 ft.
Power Diesel

Product Spec Sheet

Sky Jack SJ 6832


Platform Height 32 ft.
Capacity 1500lb.
Platform 62″X128″

Product Spec Sheet

JLG 860 SJ

JLG 860

Platform Height 86 ft.
Capacity 500 lb.
Platform 96″X36″

Product Spec Sheet


You can see and learn more about all of our rental equipment by visiting our website or by calling 1-800-662-5857.


Equipment Rentals New York Condor 170S

Condor 170s
Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

Condor 170SThe Condor 170S is one of our most popular equipment rentals. The Condor 170S is capable of reaching heights of 170 feet and is very stable thanks to the large outriggers built in to the truck. The Condor 170S is a true work horse, and is the pride of our fleet.

Tech Specs:

  • Max Working Height: 171′ (52.12 m)
  • Max Horizontal Reach: 81′ (24.68 m)
  • Stowed Height: 13′ 6″ (4.11m)
  • Max Platform Capacity: 1000 lbs (453.59 kg)
  • Jib Winch Capacity: 500 lbs (227.27 kg)
  • Platform Rotation: 180°

CONDOR lifts are designed and manufactured by Time Manufacturing Company in Waco, Texas where two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with over 300,000 square feet under roof, comprise one of the premier factories of its kind in the world. Through vertical integration Time monitors and maintains the quality of all products from the initial purchase of steel all the way through final testing.

Condor is owned and operated by Time Manufacturing Company and you can learn more about both companies by visiting their websites located below.
For the best Equipment Rentals New York come to see the best, Blakley Equipment

Best Boom Lifts in New York

Booms in Mount Vernon

Blakley Equipment has been supplying the greater New York area with the best Boom Lifts at the best prices for over 60 years. We only carry Boom lifts from the most respected manufacturers in the business. We employ on staff mechanics to service all our equipment and keep our machines running in tip top shape. Our machines look and run the same way they did the day we bought them.

We offer top of the line Boom Lifts from:

Come by Blakley Equipment and see our Boom Lifts for yourself and you will see why Blakley is the Best for Boom Lifts in Mount Vernon

JLG 860 SJ – Product Review

JLG Yonkers

JLG 800 Series

You can reach higher and get to your work faster with the 800 Series. Our exclusive QuikStik® boom takes you from the ground to 80 ft (24.38 m)in less than 50 seconds. Whether you’re venturing on or off rough terrain, the 800 Series has all the strength and versatility you need.

Extra Reach & Improved Performance

With the industry’s best reach envelope of 32 ft (9.75 m) up and overheight and 51 ft (15.54 m) of outreach,there’s no obstacle you can’t handle. Be the boss of rough terrain thanks to improved traction from the oscillating axle and 45% gradeability.

JLG 860 SJ

JLG 860

Platform Height 86 ft.
Capacity 500 lb.
Platform 96″X36″

Product Spec Sheet

For the best aerial work platforms and truck mounted lifts there is only one choice. Number one for JLG in Yonkers

Blakley Equipment

Aerial Equipment Rentals NY

Equipment Rentals – NY

These days, contractors are always looking for cost effective and alternative ways to accomplish tough tasks and projects because of the difficult economic climate.  When it comes to installing, windows or glass in high rise building projects, it is important to ensure the safety of the workers assigned to do this job  and it is also important to save as much time and money as possible. This is why most contractors consider to use a boom lift rental If you are not familiar with what boom lifts are, these are hydraulic powered aerial lifts that, as the name implies, lift people to elevated heights easier than ladders and scaffolding would be able to manage. A worker will stand inside the bucket at one end of the lift which is supported by and attached to a grounded vehicle. These types of lifts are designed to allow workers to reach a wide area since they can move in many different directions.

While it is possible to buy a new or used lift  most people prefer to rent them instead. Renting these machines has a lot of advantages. To begin with, unless you have a permanent need for these types of lifts, you are better off just renting them on an as needed basis. The first of the many advantages of renting these types of lifts is that because you do not own the aerial lift, there is no need for you to pay for the lift’s repair and maintenance costs. The equipment rentals company is responsible for ensure that the machine you rented is in prime condition and  it is their responsibility to pay for the repairs and maintenance of the lift that you rented from them if something goes wrong.

But you need to remember a few things before you go ahead and rent an aerial work platform from any old company. First of all, there are a lot of aerial equipment rental companies that are doing business these days so it will be a good idea to shop around to different rental companies before you make up your mind about which company to do business with. Make sure that you have set a budget for the rental before you consider any company. Determine how long you are going to need the boom lift since this is how the rental company is going to come up with the rental fee quotes that they are going to give you. Gather quotes from two or three different rental companies and compare which ones provide the most affordable services and have the best customer service.

For the best rental equipment company in New York there is only one choice, Blakley Equipment Rentals

Forklift Rentals YonkersBoom Lift Rentals New YorkScissor Lift Rentals Westchester

Manlift Tips

Manlift Yonkers

Manlifts are machines that lift a person or a number of people into certain heights so they can perform certain tasks and move around easily. They are safer and better than ladders or scaffoldings since it gives workers a certain security, comfort and mobility. But these lifts, just like any tools, can be dangerous if they are not used properly. Accidents involving these machines usually cause serious injuries, if not fatalities to the user or to individuals unlucky enough to be close by when the accident happens
In order to protect operators from getting into an accident, there are certain things that they need to understand. They must realize that there are some things that should be done and remembered before operating these machines.
There are primarily two kinds of manlift categories namely the articulating boom lifts which can move vertically and horizontally and the scissors lift that can only move vertically or up and down. These machines have differences when it comes to operating them. Operators must have proper training regarding the machines that they are going to use before allowing them to do so. Individuals without training must not be allowed to operate these machines because they are dangerous and can cause accidents.Learn the limits of the lifts. Learning the limits of the lift means understanding what the lift can and cannot do. Many people think that just because these are machines, they can do anything. This is wrong. Machines have limits that should not be challenged because they might not be able to handle it. Knowing the limits mean understanding its capabilities and not forcing it to do a job that it cannot actually do.

Before using the machine, do a safety check in order to be certain that it is still in proper working order and can be used without trouble. Checking the machine beforehand and determining its condition is vital to the safety of the crew. You do not have to wait before something bad happens to know when something bad will happen.
The secret to safety is being prepared for the things that might happen. Preparing for the things that might happen and preventing bad things from happening go hand in hand. For more information visit to our site at http://BlakleyEquipment.com

Lift Rentals Mount Vernon

Lift Rentals

Lifts and other large equipment are available for rent from Equipment Rental Companies in your State. Renting is a great option to purchasing equipment.

Find Lift Rentals now.

How Lift Rentals work:

Rentals may be arranged for different lengths of time depending on your need.
Rental rates depend on the number of days or months and your location.
Delivery and pick up is always available.
Maintenance may be provided by the rental company.
Ask about replacement parts and service.
Always inspect the equipment before and upon delivery.
Read the rental contract carefully and ask questions.

How to Locate a Lift for Rent:

Use an online rental directory that lists the rental companies in your area.
Use the Yellow Pages
Google search
Contact another local rental company in your area and ask for a referral for the specific type of equipment you need.

Match the Equipment to the Job:

Different types of Lifts are available to match your project. Know the equipment and know the job for best results.

Types of Lifts

Electric Scissor Lifts,
Articulating Boom Lifts,
Mini Electric Lifts,
Rough Terrain Lifts,
4WD Aerial Lifts,
Upright Scissor Lift,
Small Scissor Lift,
Hydraulic Lift,
Lift Table,
Ground Lift Table,
Heavy Duty Scissor Lift,
Heavy Capacity Scissor Lift,
Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms,
Aerial Platforms,

You can find most of these lifts and much more at Blakley Equipment.

Blakley Equipment is the only choice for lift rentals in Mount Vernon.