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Snorkel TruckSnorkel prides itself on being a pioneer in the scaffolding and aerial work platform industry. In 1946, Wally Johnson single-handedly created the markets for both scaffold towers and aerial work platforms, in a company that became UpRight. Mr Johnson, an extremely gifted mechanical engineer from Berkeley, California, first turned his hand to access equipment as a solution to painting his house. After a fruitless search for scaffolding that could cope with the uneven terrain surrounding his home, he decided to design his own aluminium scaffold tower with adjustable legs.

Johnson was an astute businessman as well as a great inventor and he immediately recognised the commercial potential for his adjustable towers. By the end of the 1950s, UpRight’s “Instant” alloy towers had become the market leader in the USA and the company shipped its first export orders to Europe in 1958.

That same year, Snorkel was founded in St Joseph, Missouri, marketing a revolutionary new elevating boom lift, for fire fighting and rescue work. In less than two decades, the technology had developed into self-propelled boom lifts. Snorkel sold its first self-propelled lift in 1977 and this product line quickly became the company’s main business.

Snorkel Lift Meanwhile, after achieving global domination with his scaffold, Wallace Johnson set out to do it all over again by inventing the world’s first self-propelled aerial lift. In 1972, he opened a new factory in Selma to produce the “Flying Carpet” scissor lift. This innovative product soon outstripped scaffolding as the company’s main source of revenue.

When Johnson died in 1980, UpRight Inc. was sold but his pioneering, inventive ethos lived on. UpRight launched the world’s first micro-scissor in 1994 and pioneered the self-propelled mast lift with the TM12.

In 2007, the owners of UpRight purchased Snorkel, bringing together the two oldest aerial work platform companies in the world. We have a unique heritage and expertise, combining over 110 years of safely lifting millions of people to their place of work.

In 2010, Snorkel became the sole brand for marketing the company’s full range of aerial work platforms, worldwide. Snorkel carries forward the great spirit that built these two companies – a spirit of innovation, customer dedication and good old-fashioned hard work. These qualities have made the Snorkel name synonymous with quality and reliability the world over.

Today, Blakley Equipment offers Snorkel equipment rentals in New York as well as rentals from other amazing companies.

Blakley equipment is the only choice for aerial work platform and forklift rentals in New York.

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What is a Cherry Picker?

Cherry Picker Yonkers

Cherry pickers are simple platforms that can be lifted to different heights by means of a hydraulic system. Also known as a boom lift or basket crane, a cherry picker can be utilized for a number of different tasks, not just picking fruit. Some lift rentalsmodels require two people to operate the machinery, but, many modern designs allow one person to control the hydraulic system using controls that are mounted on the platform.

This odd name for this type of man lift comes from the original use of the machinery. Originally developed to make it possible to hand pick ripe fruit from the upper branches of various types of fruit trees, the cherry picker was the perfect tool for use in orchards. With the earliest designs, the device was mounted on the back of a truck, and required someone to remain at ground level to maneuver the basket into the proper position. Modern machines now include a duplicate set of controls in the basket, making it possible for one person to park the truck, enter the basket, and move the basket into the best position.

Still used in commercial orchards, the cherry picker is also utilized for a number of other tasks. One of the most common is working on wiring mounted on utility poles. Electricity and telephone companies operate trucks outfitted with cherry pickers to deal with downed lines, or to run new lines as needed. In the last few decades, cable companies have also used cherry pickers to manage wiring that is mounted on poles and provide cable service to surrounding residences.

Construction companies as well as fire departments also make use of the cherry picker Yonkers. The devices make it possible to reach building exteriors from angles that would be impossible to manage otherwise. Arborists make use of these machines in order to work with trees that cannot be climbed safely. Painters also use a cherry picker in place of a ladder to paint exterior walls of homes and various types of buildings.

Because the cherry picker is used in so many different work situations, an individual who is familiar with the equipment can find employment in a number of different trades and professions. Over the years, enhancements to the basic concept of the device have made the use of the cherry picker much safer. This is especially important when the job calls for working with power lines or attempting to perform tasks that are far above ground level. Additions such as enclosed baskets, insulated interiors, and safety harnesses are now common features of many types of cherry pickers.

For the best in aerial equipment visit Blakley Equipment.

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Condor Truck Mounted Lift

Blakley Equipment Rentals Company Profile #2


Telehandler from JLG

Telehandler from JLG

JLG Industries, Inc. is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment. The Company’s diverse product portfolio includes leading brands such as JLG aerial work platforms, SkyTrak, and Lull telehandlers. they

also manufacture an array of complementary accessories that increase the versatility and efficiency of these products. JLG is an Oshkosh Corporation Company.

JLG was founded in 1970 by John L. Grove. In 1970 when the first JLG aerial work platform was completed it revolutionized the way we work. Many of the basic design elements of that original lift are still being incorporated into our products today.

JLG is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of aerial work platforms. Their product line consists of boom lifts, scissor lifts,  vertical mast lifts, personal portable lifts, and  telehandlers. The also make trailers and other accessories for the equipment that they build.

Blakley Equipment is proud to offer JLG telehandlers, boom lifts, and scissor lifts in both our rental and sales product lines.


Equipment Profile: Boom Lifts

Boom LiftsBoom Lift

Boom Lifts are also known as cherry pickers, because they were original used in orchards to pick fruit from trees. Boom lifts are now widely used in a variety of tasks. Boom lifts are used for working on electrical lines, cable lines, painting, hanging signs and banners, and just about any other job that requires someone to work high off the ground. Boom lifts extend straight out either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. They can go as high as 135 feet. They need to be properly balanced to make sure that they don’t tip when fully extended.

Boom lifts come in many different types and sizes. There are gas and electric powered boom lifts. Gas boom lifts are made with the outdoors in mind. They have rugged tires and can travel over uneven terrain. Electric powered boom lifts are ideal for indoor jobs. Because they don’t use any gas, they can work indoors without worrying about suffocating anyone. The one limitation of electric boom lifts is that they tend to have smaller wheels built for indoor work. So while you could use an electric boom lift outdoors, it must operate on an even surface.

Genie Boom LiftBoom lifts can further be broken down into even more categories. There are articulating and non-articulating boom lifts. an articulating boom lift has one or two joints that bend like an elbow, and give the boom lift the ability to reach otherwise impossible places. For instance an articulating boom lift is the type of lift that sits atop a bridge and gives its user the ability to work under the bridge. Straight or telescoping boom lifts are just that, straight. They extend straight out in one direction, and the only variable would be the angle that the lift extends in.

Take a look at this boom lift from JLG

At Blakley Equipment we carry Boom lifts from JLG, Snorkel, Genie, and others so call today and get a free quote!

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Upcoming Training Classes

Make sure you visit our training page often to see all our upcoming classes. We usually hold classes once a month but we can schedule more classes based on demand, or even hold private classes for large groups. Visit our training page or contact us for more details.

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New Equipment – Bobcat Sweeper

Bobcat – 72 inch Sweeper

Bob Cat Sweeper

We just purchased a 72 inch Bobcat Sweeper attachment and we are making it available to rent immediately.

This sweeper is compatible the following carriers:

  • S175 – S330
  • S630 – S850
  • T180 – T320
  • T630 – T870
  • 5600 – 5610

This sweeper sweeps, collects, and dumps dirt and other debris. Ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs, the Bobcat® sweeper is easy to attach and simple to operate going either forward or reverse. The hydraulically driven attachment’s reversible cutting edge helps cut through caked-on mud. The sweeper’s polypropylene bristles deposit dirt and other debris in the bucket, which can be dumped when full. You can also use the sweeper to spread material evenly across a site. The Bobcat® sweeper is perfect to clean parking lots, sidewalks, docks, warehouses, and more.

So if you need a sweeper equipment rental for your next project come to the one place you can count on.

Blakley Equipment, we don’t just have lift rentals, we carry forklifts, truck mounted lifts, telehandlers, skid-steers, equipment attachments and much much more. Stop by today and see whats new at Blakley Equipment.

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Blakley Equipment Rental Company Profile #1


AUSA is a Spanish manufacturing company that was started in 1956 in Manresa, Spain. AUSA is the world’s largest manufacturer of dumpsters up to 10 tons, concrete mixers up to 1 cubic meter, and our personal favorite all-terrain forkliftsup to five tons. AUSA has a staff of 500 people and its mission is to design the most complete line of compact all-terrain, multi-service vehicles, vehicles for handling industrial and construction material, and vehicles for mixing concrete, with capacities of up to 10 tons.

In the United States, AUSA forklifts are quickly becoming a favorite for operators in every industry. Being renown for their reliability, and comfortable ride by all who drive them. It has been our experience that when someone uses an AUSA forklift, it’s very hard to get them to ever ride anything else. With reviews like this from the field it’s a safe bet that ASUA will be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.

AUSA also raised the bar with its Taurulift line of forklifts, an all-terrain compact forklift with an extending arm, tilting cabin, and hydrostatic transmission. These forklifts are truly pieces of art.

Right now, if your looking for AUSA equipment rentals there is only one place to go, and that is the Blakley Equipment Company.

Blakley Equipment is proud to be the only full line stocking dealer for AUSA forklifts on the east coast. We rent and sell all the best forklifts that AUSA has to offer as well as a full line of aerial work platforms from a number of top manufacturers.

So remember, if you are looking for a reliable forklift, be sure and stop by Blakley Equipment, and try one of our new AUSAs, You wont be disappointed.


Watch the AUSA’s in action:

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