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The Samuel G. Blakley Tree Company, Inc.

The S. G. Blakley Tree Company was started in 1946, as a small Tree Company operating out of the home of Samuel G. Blakley Sr. in Mount Vernon, NY.   Soon after starting Blakley Tree, Sam began doing small odd jobs for the Westchester Lighting Company, and in 1951 this small company received a tree trimming, planting and removal contract with both the Westchester Lighting company and the Phone Company.

Blakley Tree started out as a tree trimming and clearing company, but over the years has transformed itself into the equipment rental company it is today. In the 1950’s and 60’s Samuel Blakley Sr. offered utility companies a safer and more efficient way to work on tall power lines and towers. He rented his tree trimming equipment to these companies and pioneered the use of aerial work platforms being used to maintain the power lines and towers in the area. Tree clearing operations ceased completely in 1985.

Throughout its history, Blakley Tree has continued to provide new machines to meet the changing needs of utility companies, movie studios, and all of their customers.

Blakley Equipment offers 24 hour a day, seven day a week service to companies from many different industries, including but not limited to construction, utility, local municipalities, and film.

Blakley Equipment is the premier lift and aerial work platform rental company in the tri-state area, but their services have been used in many areas outside of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Blakley has been a part of jobs in the following locations:

  • New Orleans, LA – Port of New Orleans (NOPO)
  • Louisville, KY (The Kentucky Derby – ABC)
  • Philadelphia, PA ( The Philadelphia Story)
  • Pittsburg, PA (Orion, Castle Rock, Sony, Columbia)
  • Orlando, FL (Disney)
  • Dover, De (USAF)
  • Huron, SD (D.O.E. – WAPA)
  • Charlotte, NC (TMNT)
  • Asheville, NY (Orion Studio’s)

Blakley Tree also provides training courses on how to operate aerial work platforms and forklifts. All of the instructors are factory trained by the manufacturer.

Today, Blakley Tree Company, Inc. is the New York’s leading provider of truck mounted mobile aerial work platforms. The company is still family owned, and operated by Samuel G. Blakley Jr.  Blakley Tree prides itself on customer satisfaction, and is willing to do whatever it takes to provide quality products, service, and training to all of their customers.

Blakley Tree Company, exceptional service for over 60 years!

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