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    Boom LIfts

    A Boom Lift (aka Cherry Picker) is a maneuverable vertical boom with an open bucket or cage at the end from which a worker can perform many types of aerial jobs including construction, painting, and electrical work.

    Blakley Equipment offers lifts for all types of jobs. Our Boom Lifts range in height from 33 feet to 135 feet.

    Telescoping Boom Lifts (also called straight or stick booms) offer greater horizontal outreach (with long, extendable arms) than any other type of lift and are perfect for areas with limited access in many industrial applications.

    Articulating Boom Lifts (also called knuckle booms) allow you to drive through standard doorways and gates, work close to buildings or around obstacles with its ability to go ‘up and over’, and access overhead work in tight areas.

    Also, many of our Manlifts have a jib which adds about 6′ of height allowing the bucket to be moved up and down and side to side without moving the main boom. Use the links below to view our stock of boom lifts.

    Telescoping Boom Lifts

    Articulating Boom Lifts

    Electric Telescoping and Articulating Lifts