New Attachment – Schibeci ST1000

Pavement Cutter

– The ST1000 is a dedicated 1 metre stabilizing machine. It has a cutting depth of 220mm and is designed for stabilizing & some milling applications.
– The side shift allows for stabilizing outside the line of most skid steers.
– The ST1000 is designed primarily for the Roadworks and Construction industry.
– It’s compact design makes it perfect for minor rectification works. It also has excellent visability for the operator.
– It’s solid framework and fluid dynamic design makes the ST1000 stable in the cut.
– The two levelling rams on the ST1000 give the operator a high degree of accuracy in cutting depth and cross slope control.
– Dust suppression system as well as stabilization fluid/binding injection ports are standard on the ST1000.
– The ST1000 is an excellent solution for Councils, Contractors, Maintenance Teams and Hire Companies.

Performance Guidelines
• Cuts up to 220mm (9 inches) deep (per pass)
• Excellent stabilization solution for roadworks contractors, councils and municipalities
• Suits High flow skid steers





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